Curtain Solution for an Arched Kitchen Window

You have this beautiful arched window in your kitchen, but you feel the room, is cold & the light just over whelms the room. Is there a solution?

Look at the before & after pictures & you judge, one would say, I would never cover that beautiful window, but boy that simple $24.99 valance, found at Swags Galore, certain warmed up the room.

The Valarie is a Bradford valance, a layered valance, the combine a wonderful medium scaled Jacobean floral pattern, pattern on the top layer & a solid accent on the bottom layers, both layers are corded for a custom look.

This valance is extra wide at 70″W, so you get a great bang for your buck. The valance has a 3″ rod pocket, & a 2″ header for an added custom look, install on a standard 2 1/2″ wide pocket curtain rod, to get this clean effect.

An affordable Luxury Bedroom Curtain Solution

Bedroom Curtains

Bedroom Curtains

Want to create this look. It’s simple, well 1st you will need 17 medallions, about 3″ in diameter. 15 for hanging the curtains & 2 are used for the holdbacks in the photo. They can be purchased from a variety of online vendors, or if you are really brave you might make them yourself. Then you will need 15 clip rings. Well you don’t see them in the photo, but that is how the curtains are hung.

curtain medaliion

Curtain Medaliion

Usually you can buy a bag of 7 to 10 clip rings for about $10.00, so that’s pretty reasonable.

Now for the curtains, well the ones in the photo are high end pure linen, but you can find a low cost alternative, a polyester that simulates a faux linen, I have send them as cheap as $9.99.

So in the example in the photo, you would need two panels that were 84″L, if you want them to puddle, you might even want to go for the 95″L, for the side windows, for the middle windows you would need the 108″L or the 120″ depending on your window height.

The space between the medallions is very subjective, usually the panel width will vary from 40″W to 50″W. So you might want to experiment on an a hanger or a closet rod, to get the right spacing so the folds in the fabric simulate the photo.